Customize Your Order! Tips & Tricks for Ordering in Japan


It may not be an exaggeration if you call Japan a gourmet heaven: sushi, yakiniku, udon, soba, ramen, gyudon, and more.

It all sounds so good, you’ll want to try it for sure when visiting!!

You’ve probably heard that in Japan, you can’t really customize the dish–how it is set on the menu is how you’ll get it. But… you may next to you and see that the person beside you has ordered something that you for sure did not see on the menu.

Surely, they ordered off of the restaurant’s secret menu.

The secret menu is just what it sounds like: items you can order, that aren’t listed on the official menu. When you order these items you may feel like a pro–and you’ll be able to order the food just how you like it. Keep in mind, depending on the store these customizations and items might not be available–and don’t forget to ask if there’s an extra fee.

Let’s get started!!



Gyudon is a rice bowl with beef and vegetables–while it may be delicious on its own, there are ways to fine tune it.

First of all are the basics. You can ask for these almost anywhere and the staff will get what you mean.

General Secret Menu Items:
・つゆだく (tsuyudaku): extra broth
・つゆだくだく (tsuyudakudaku): a lot of extra broth
・つゆぬき (tsuyunuki): no broth
・ねぎだく (negidaku): extra green onions
・ねぎぬく (neginuku): no green onions
・肉下 (nikushita): rice on top of the meat**

**Normally the meat is placed on top of the rice

You may have noticed a theme: adding “daku” to the item you wish to have extra of will increase it, while “nuku” will ask the staff to hold that item.

So, if you ask for “negi daku daku daku daku daku daku daku daku”… would the staff give you a mountain of green onions perhaps?🤔

■Yoshinoya 吉野家




. 昨日の築地ごはん。 築地まで行って吉野家(笑) 築地店でのみ通用する裏メニュー(?)を注文‼️ ・ニクシタ(具とご飯が上下逆さま。見た目普通に白ご飯) ・トロだくネギだく(脂身多め、ネギ多め) 1人で並ふたつ頼んだので店員さんが困惑してましたw すみませぬ…いつも並ふたつ食べてるんでwww ニクシタが非常に気に入った╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ . #吉野家 #吉野家の牛丼 #牛丼 #吉野家一号店 #吉野家築地1号店 #築地 #築地市場 #築地市場場内 #築地ランチ #築地まで行って吉野家 #吉野家裏メニュー #肉下 #ニクシタ #トロだくネギだく #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #instafood #japanesefood #yoshinoya #gyudon #japan #tokyo #tukiji #tukijifishmarket #築地場内 #築地場内市場 #築地場内グルメ #築地場内食べ納め

sake100%さん(@osake_nomuzo)がシェアした投稿 – 2018年 9月月25日午後7時55分PDT

・頭の大盛り (Atama no omori): extra rice
・肉下 (nikushita): rice on top of the meat
・冷汁 (hiyajiru): Pouring cooled down miso soup on top of the gyudon. You can also ask for kenchin soup (Japanese tofu & vegetable chowder).


吉野家 長堀店 Yoshinoya Nagahoribashi
1-18-5 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Hours:24 hours
Closed on:N/A
Nearest Station: About a 1 minute walk from Nagahoribashi Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji & Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Lines

→About a 2 minute walk from Ookini Hotels Shinsaibashi Nagahori Apartment (Press me!)←



■Sukiya すき家




すき家にてキング牛丼トッピング全部乗せ!! #すき家 #牛丼 #キング #トッピング全部

祥吉さん(@syoukiti3710)がシェアした投稿 – 2019年 1月月25日午前7時02分PST

・King (Kingu): this isn’t just a large size, it’s the KING size! There’s 6x the meat and 3x the rice. It’s so big that it’s not available for takeout.

There are other ways to customize to make it just how you like it, for example…
・All the toppings: Toppingu-Zenbu-Nose
・牛プリン丼 (gyuu purin don): The beef pudding bowl. Yes, beef + pudding. For the adventurous. Are you sure this won’t upset your stomach…?


すき家 長堀橋駅南店 Sukiya Nagahoribashieki Minami
Address:大阪府大阪市中央区島之内1-21-19 協和島之内ビル1F
1-21-19 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Hours:24 hours
Closed on:N/A
Nearest Station:About a 6 minute walk from Nagahoribashi Station on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji & Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Lines

→About 2 minutes from Ookini Ryokan & Apartment (Press me!)←

→About 3 minutes from OOkini Hotels Shinsaibashi Sennencho Apartment (Press me!)←



~Popular Shops~


■Ichiran Ramen 一蘭ラーメン

・ネギダブル(両方) (negi double [ryouhou]): On the order sheet if you circle both green and white onions, you’ll be able to get both.
・替え玉のダシの調整(多め・なし) (kae-dama no dashi chousei [oome / nashi]): Here you can order extra noodles and also added extra soup by telling the staff how much dashi you’d like–extra (oome) or none at all (nashi).

一蘭 道頓堀店別館 Ichiran Dotonbori Annex
1-4-16 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Hours:24 hours
Closed on:N/A
Nearest Station:
– About a 5 minute walk from Nipponbashi Station Exit 2 on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji & Sennichimae Lines
– About a 4 minute walk from Namba Station Exit 14 on the Osaka Metro Midosuji, Sennichimae, & Yotsubashi Lines

→About 6 minutes from Ookini Hotels Nipponbashi Apartment (Press me!)←



■Gyoza no Ohsho 餃子の王将

・うす焼き(餃子) (usu-yaki [gyoza]): lightly cooked & moist
・両面焼き(餃子) (ryoumen-yaki [gyoza]): cooked on both sides–crispy
・あんだく(天津飯) (andaku [tenshin-han]): extra sauce (free!). You can choose from 3 types of saunce: amazu (sweet & sour), shio (salt), Kyoto-fu (Kyoto style)


餃子の王将 四ツ橋店 Gyoza no Ohsho Yotsubashi
Address:大阪府大阪市西区北堀江1-3-7 倉商ビル 地下1階
1-3-7 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
– Monday~Saturday 11:00~23:30 (Last Order: 23:00)
– Sundays & Holidays 11:00~23:00 (Last Order: 22:30)
Closed on:N/A
Nearest Station: About a 1 minute walk from Yotsubashi Station Exit 6 on the Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line

→About 1 minute from Ookini Hotels Yotsubashi Apartment (Press me!)←

Homepage: https://www.ohsho.co.jp/





■Dotour ドトールコーヒーショップ




表参道なう!#表参道 #ドトール #ドトールコーヒー

made in Love💐💜さん(@tomomilky.made.in.love)がシェアした投稿 – 2019年 6月月28日午後5時31分PDT

・Ice-cream topping (Ice Toppingu): Make it a float–put ice-cream in your drink! Try it on coffee, cocoa, and so on~
・Honey sugar (hani shuga): Honey & sugar are provided with Royal Milk Tea…but if you want it with other drinks, feel free to ask! No additional charge.


ドトールコーヒーショップ なんさん通り店 Dotour Coffee Shop Nansandori
6-5 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
*Weekdays: 07:30-20:30
*Saturdays: 07:30-20:30
*Sundays & Holidays: 08:00 – 20:00
Closed on:N/A
Nearest Station:南海電鉄「なんば駅」南口より徒歩5分

→About a 3 minute walk from Ookini Hotels Ota-Road Apartment (Press me!)←



■Starbucks Coffee スターバックスコーヒー

・How to request the right amount of espresso (esupuresso shotto no chōsei): One shot, double shot, triple shot… how much espresso would you like?
・How about the amount of the powder (powder no chousei]): no powder, light powder, extra powder.

There’s not just a special menu–but also special service options!
・Change to starbucks mug (magu cuppu ni henkou): Planning on enjoying your drink at the store? Try the reusable mug cup rather than a disposable paper cup!
・Cup Message (kappu messeji): If you as for staff to write a message on your cup for you there’s almost a 100% rate that they will do it!
・Blanket (buranketto): Feel cozy with a blanket. Just ask the staff for assistance!


スターバックスコーヒー 天満橋京阪シティモール店 Starbucks Coffee Temmabashi Keihan City Mall
Address:大阪府大阪市中央区天満橋京町1-1 京阪シティモール
Keihan City Mall, 1-1 Temmabashi Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Monday~Friday: 07:00~22:30
Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays: 08:00~22:00
Closed on:N/A
Nearest Station:
-About a 2 minute walk from Temmabashi Station South or South East Exit on the Keihan Main & Nakanoshima Lines
– About a 2 minute walk from Temmabashi Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line

→About a 4 minute walk from Ookini Hotels Osaka Castle Apartment (Press me!)←



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