Best Spots in Osaka to see Autumn Leaves: Minoo Park, Katsuo Temple, & Hoshida Park


As the weather starts to cool down, it can only mean one thing: autumn is here.

Japan is a country that is connected to the seasons: each season has its own special flavors and activities. Just as in the spring time having a picnic and viewing cherry blossoms is quite popular, every year hundreds of people travel to see the beautiful colors of fall all around Japan.

As some of the most well-known spots in Kansai to go see the autumn leaves are in Kyoto, many people may not even consider Osaka, but rest assured, there are places all around to see the beautiful colors of fall!

Keep reading for our top recommendations for all different types of travelers, the best times to go see the leaves, and more.


●See–and Taste–the Autumn Leaves at Mino Park!

Photo by Sam Sheffield

For travelers who have a little bit more time on their hands to go see the autumn leaves, Mino Park is Osaka’s prime spot. With a beautiful waterfall framed by the reds and oranges from the leaves, you might never want to leave.


From Hankyuu Station to the Mino Waterfall, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour on the hiking path, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. All you have to do is head towards the river and from there follow it to the waterfall.


Photo by kimubert

But at Mino it’s not enough just to look at the leaves—you can eat them too!

Impressed by the beauty of the maple leaves reflection in the waterfall, an ascetic devotee made Momiji tempura (fried maple leaves) to give to travelers. Thus, this tradition of Japanese hospitality has been preserved for more than 1300 years.

A fried maple leaf may seem like an odd sort of snack. Moreover, when you see the leaves on the ground, they probably don’t look all that appealing, let alone appetizing. Rest assured, the maple leaves used for momiji tempura are made to be edible—and of course, have never touched the ground.

Can you imagine the sort of flavor momiji tempura might have? You’ll have to try it at Mino Park to find out!


Access Next to Mino Station on the Hankyuu Mino Line
Admission fee Free
Best time to see during the Maple Festival – November, 1st, 2018 ~ November 30th, 2018 (dates subject to change)
Homepage http://www.mino-park.jp/
Other information:
・You can climb Mt. Satsuki from the Mino waterfall (If you take a car, you can see the night view as well!)
・The viewing platform for the waterfall is said to be a wonderful spot for taking Instagram
・If you’re tired, try out the Mino Onsen (you can rent yukata!)


●Take on the Darumas at Katsuo Temple

When a daruma doll falls, it always gets back up. It never gives up, regardless of the odds it faces and always does its best. Thus, people pray to it to improve their fighting chance at romance, academics, health, examinations, sports, business, elections, etc.


While you’re there, you can see what fate may have in store for you by getting a Daruma fortune, called Daruma omikuji. The fortune is contained inside of a daruma, so after you read your fortune as an extra bonus you can bring a daruma home with you as a souvenir!

Everywhere you look you’ll see a Daruma doll, accentuating the autumn leaves, making this a winning location for seeing the fall leaves.


Access ・15 minute taxi ride from Minoo Station on Hankyuu Minoo Line
・20~30 minute taxi ride from Senrichuo Station on the Midosuji Line
Admission fee Adults – 400 JPY / Children – 300 JPY
Best time to see Throughout November
Special times & dates the maple trees will be lit up at night: Saturdays, Sundays & holidays throughout November from sunset until about 19:30.
Visiting Hours ・Weekdays 8:00~17:00
・Saturday 8:00~17:30
・Sundays & holidays 8:00~18:00
Homepage http://www.katsuo-ji-temple.or.jp/index.html
Other information:
・You can walk from the Minoo Waterfall to the temple!
・There’s a way you should draw on the eyes of the Daruma doll?!
・Did you know that there are sweets named after daruma (daruma pie, kachi daruma chocolate crunch, etc.)


●Take a Walk Through the Sky at Hoshida Park

The last location we have for you is Hoshida Park, where the suspension bridge nicknamed “the star swing” is located.

Kotano City is called the city of stars, and many legends relating to stars remain to this day. It is even said that this is the birthplace of the traditional Japanese legend of Tanabata. In particular, the swing at Hoshida Park is regarded as the Milky Way connecting the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi. Thus, Hoshida Park’s suspension bridge is considered a sacred place for lovers!

Because of this, people from all over come to visit Hoshida Park. Certainly couples go there for a romantic outing, but Orihime and Hikoboshi may also lend a helping hand to those hoping to find love!


As it’s the longest suspension bridge in Japan, you’ll feel like you’re walking through the sky, giving it an experience like no other as you see the autumn leaves below and around you. What’s more, at the viewing spot you can see not only Kotano City, but all across Osaka.


Access ・40 minute walk from Kisaichi Station (hiking path)
・You may also take a bus Kotano Station (the bus only runs on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Admission fee Free
Park Hours 9:00~17:00
Star Swing Hours of Operation 9:30~16:30
Best time to see Throughout November
Closed on Tuesdays (if Tuesday falls on a holiday, then it will be open that Tuesday and closed the next day)
Homepage http://osaka-midori.jp/mori/hoshida/
Other Information:
・Rock climbing experience (reservation required / course available / separate fees)
・As there is not restaurant, don’t forget to bring your own lunch box!


Do any of these locations pique your interest? How about adding it to your schedule this fall? Regardless of where you go from Ookini Hotels it will only take 1~2 hours to get there!

Whatever your plans may be, we hope you have a fantastic fall with us!

Ookini Hotels is ready to welcome you.


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