🎆Fireworks Festivals This Summer in Osaka🎆


Fireworks are a fun way to enjoy the summer whether you’re a child or an adult–it doesn’t matter. Anyone can enjoy the beauty of a nice fireworks display! In Japan it’s no different! During summer it’s prime time for fireworks displays. Many areas will have their own special and original display for you to check out.

Check out how to enjoy fireworks to the fullest in Japan & where to go for the best displays!!


– Fireworks in Japan: What to do?? –
– What to bring –
– Important Points for Dates at Festivals –
– Fireworks Festivals in Osaka –
– Try it at Home — Fireworks @ Matsuyamachi! –


– Fireworks in Japan: What to do?? –

Many people love fireworks, including those in Japan. But at a fireworks display, you just watch them and go home, right?? No way!


– Food & Game Stalls –

At a festival it’s not the fireworks or the performances that are the main event: it’s the food and games! Eat sweets such as candied apples or play games–maybe you’ll even win a prize. There’s so much to do and see (and eat!) at these stalls. Just don’t lose track of time while visiting all the stalls before the fireworks start–you’ll want to grab a great spot to see the display.

– Yukata:
Want a great excuse to wear traditional Japanese clothing? Going to a fireworks festival is a great chance to wear yukata–a summer kimono. You’ll really feel the festive spirit when you look the part!👘
You can buy yukata for a reasonable price or if you are worried about space for your luggage, rentals are available too.

– Dates:
When you’re a high school student there’s nothing more romantic than going to a festival and watching the fireworks with the one you love. It might even be the most important event of the summer!!

It’s also a great time to confess your feelings for someone… Don’t rush it, though! As the fireworks burst in the air you can feel your excitement rise too–and that’s when its best to tell someone your feelings, with a beautiful background of fireworks. Surely, it will leave an impression.

It’s such a popular choice for telling someone your feelings that it’s often shown in manga, dramas, and more. Keep your eye out for it~!

Worried about what they might say? Try asking after the fireworks end, when you’ve started to settle down but don’t want to go home just yet. It’ll surely move their heart~

If it doesn’t go well… you can just go home!


– What to bring –

The necessities for any festival with fireworks.
You may wonder “do I REALLY need that?” but if you go without it, you’ll surely regret it!!

– Wet tissue wipes: for before and after visiting the food & game stalls
– A portable battery: you don’t want your phone or camera battery to die before you get to take all of the pictures you wanted to
– Band-aids: you never know when you might need it
– Change: cards are generally not accepted and large bills may be hard to break. And, it’s a chance to get rid of all the loose change you’ve collected~
– Drinks: it can be expensive to buy water and other beverages at the stalls, and convenience stores will be crowded.
– Bug spray: when you’re outside for a long time in Japan its always a good idea to bring bug repellant if you don’t want to get bitten!


– Important Points for Dates at Festivals –

As a general rule: use public transportation. Don’t look like a loser in front of your date as you try to find parking–most places won’t have it!! And parking on the street won’t be allowed.

Be careful because you might not be able to go back.
Once the fireworks are over so many people will be trying to go home–buy your train tickets in advance!! You may even want to leave just a little bit early to beat the rush.

Don’t be a litterbug!!
If you have any trash, please make sure to take it home.


– Fireworks Festivals in Osaka –

Now that you know what do………… where do you go?!?!


①天神祭 Tenjin Matsuri Festival

One of the bigger summer festivals not just in Osaka but in Japan! It’s in the top three festivals along with Gion Matsuri in Kyoto and Kanda Matsuri in Tokyo. You won’t want to miss the chance to join the fun! There are so many activities, and of course, fireworks!

From 18:00, 100 ships will begin to float along the Okawa river. And from 19:30, the fireworks will begin! You can see all different types of fireworks; there are those forming letters and shapes or even the Tenjin Matsuri special: fireworks representing a plum tree! You’ll have to see it to believe it.


天神祭奉納花火大会2019 Tenjin Matsuri Festival 2019
Date & Time:July 25th, 2019 (Thurs.), 19:30~20:50
Launch Point:Okawa
Number of Fireworks:~5,000
Expected Number of Visitors:~1,300,000
Best Spots/Hotels for Viewing:Genpachi Bridge, Miyakojima Bridge, Kawasaki Bridge, Imperial Hotel
Reserved Seats (Fee Required):Available
Nearest Station:
– Sakuranomiya Station – JR Lines (West Exit) – ~2 min. on foot (Head south, towards Sakuranomiya Park)
– Temmabashi Station – Osaka Metro and Keihan Lines – ~5 min. on foot
*Will be canceled in case of inclement weather.


②なにわ淀川花火大会 Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Display

A “home-made” fireworks display: fireworks are bought from donations and volunteers from the local area, Juso. It’s said to be the largest fireworks display in the Kansai area–and not just because of the fireworks. There will be over 900 food & game stalls lined up along Shin-Midosuji ready to welcome you during the festival.

Each firework is more powerful than the next–so you can expect a big bang of a finale!!

There are areas in Juso as well as spots in Umeda to watch–but as you can expect with its size, anywhere you go there will be plenty of people ready and eager to watch the fireworks display!


第31回 なにわ淀川花火大会 The 31st Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Display
Date and Time:August 10th, 2019 (Sat.) 19:40~20:40
Place: Yodogawa Riverside (Juso venue / Umeda venue)
Expected Number of Visitors: ~600,000
Best Spots/Hotels for Viewing:Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Ekimae Building No.3, The Westin Hotel, InterContinental Hotel Osaka
Reserved Seats (Fee Required):Available
Nearest Station:
Juso Venue:
– Juso Station – Hankyu Lines – 15 mins. on foot
– Tsukamoto Station – JR Lines – 15 mins. on foot
Umeda Venue:
– Nodahanshin Station – Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line – 25 min. on foot
– Osaka Station – JR Lines – 25 mins. on foot
– Noda Station – Hanshin Lines – 25 mins. on foot
– Umeda Station – Hankyu Lines, Osaka Metro Midosuji Line – 25 mins. on foot
*In case of rain, the fireworks display will commence as scheduled. (Will be canceled in case of inclement weather)
*There will be traffic restrictions that day


③教祖祭PL花火芸術 PL Art of Fireworks

It’s often just called “PL Hanabi” (PL Fireworks). This fireworks display is put on by the Perfect Liberty religious group, who put on the display as a wish for world peace. While it is organized by this group, you don’t need to be religious to go and enjoy the fireworks.

This fireworks display may be a bit shorter than the norm. But, the PL fireworks pack a punch as many fireworks are lit at one time, lighting up the entire sky.

In the finale, you can expect fantastically beautiful firework: the Star Mine.


教祖祭PL花火芸術 2019 PL Art of Fireworks 2019
Date and Time:August 1st, 2019 (Thurs.) 20:00~20:40
Place:Tondabayashi City (Osaka Prefecture), Kohkyu Country Club
Number of Fireworks:~20,000
Expected Number of Visitors:~100,000
Best Spots/Hotels for Viewing:Ishikawa Kasen Park, Mt. Kogo (Summit), Grand Hotel Futaba
Reserved Seats (Fee Required): Available (However, these seats are unofficial and thus may be a bit far)
Nearest Station: – Tondabayashi Station – Kintetsu Nagano Line – ~15min. on foot
Information Page:https://sp.jorudan.co.jp/hanabi/spot_122525.html
*Will be canceled in case of rain.


④泉州 光と音の夢花火(泉南花火大会)Senshu Hikari to Oto no Yume Hanabi (Sennan Fireworks Display)

Enjoy fireworks in the south, close to Kansai International Airport at Tarui Southern Beach.
This year they plan to increase the number of fireworks from 5,000 to 25,000! It’ll be the best performance yet.

Feel the excitement in the air as fireworks are launched with music.
The fireworks are only a part of the festival, so you can spend a whole day having fun in southern Osaka!

泉州 光と音の夢花火 2019 Senshu Hikari to Oto no Yume Hanabi (Sennan Fireworks Display) 2019
Date and Time:August 24th~25th, 2019 (Sat. & Sun.), 20:00~21:00 (subject to change)
Place:Osaka Prefecture – Sennan City, Tarui Southern Beach
Number of Fireworks: ~25,000
Expected Number of Visitors:100,000~200,000
Best Spots/Hotels for Viewing:Marble Beach, Kansai Airport Observation Hall “Sky View,” Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport
Reserved Seats (Fee Required): Available
Nearest Station:Tarui Station – Nankai Main Line – ~10min. on foot
Homepage (Fireworks): https://www.senshuhanabi.com/
Osaka Senshu Summer Festival Homepage: https://senshu-natsumatsuri.com/
*In case of rain, the fireworks display will commence as scheduled. (Will be canceled in case of inclement weather)


– Try it at Home — Fireworks @ Matsuyamachi! –

At fireworks displays and festivals you can see big shows but… doesn’t it seem a little distant?
Don’t you want to get your hands on the fireworks and try them yourself?

You can grab fireworks at many places including supermarkets, but for great deals and variety, we suggest Matsuyamachi (Macchamachi) shopping street!
At Christmas it’s the place to go for trees, during spring you most certainly want to visit Matsuyamachi for dolls for Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day), and of course, it is the place to go during summer to get fireworks. From shop to shop you’ll find all sorts of fireworks lining the shelves. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store with the excitement of picking out your fireworks.

However, there’s a time and a place to light off the fireworks. The middle of the street? Maybe not the best idea. A park might seem like a safe bet… but actually, places that ban fireworks, so make sure you go to the right place to enjoy your purchases safely!

– 淀川の河川敷 Yodogawa River
Generally, you can light fireworks freely here. But it’s a long river and some places do have it banned–make sure to check that there are no signs forbidding fireworks before you begin your fun.

– 住吉公園 Sumiyoshi Park
Fireworks are OK as long as they don’t make a noise.

– 大泉緑地 Oizumi Ryokuchi
A big park makes for a great stop for families–and fireworks are OK!

★Caution Points★
– Safety first!! Make sure you have a bucket of water on hand to put out any fires.
– If you have any trash, please make sure to take it back with you
– Don’t point the fireworks at people!
– Be aware that fireworks that make noise can disturb others and are often prohibited.

Enjoy this summer the right way🎆


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