Feel the Love at These Romantic Shrines


Do you remember our blog “~Shrines Even the Locals Don’t Know About!! In Osaka~ “?? We introduced several niche shrines to check out for a look at some different shrines.

It’s been a few months–and surely you’re ready for some more little known shrines to go exploring. For those looking for love, or some help to break it off with someone who is bad news, we’ve got some shrines to share with you. These shrines are here to help you pray for a better tomorrow. 

Feel the power of love~


You don’t want to waste your time going from shrine to shrine unsure of their power. No, as a discerning shrine goer you want to pray and feel the power–one that will lead you to the right match. Here are the most powerful love shrines in Osaka!


1. 露天神社 Tsuyu no Tenjinja 

This shrine is more commonly known as “Ohatsu Tenjin” or even “Koibito no Seichi” (lovers’ Sanctuary). 
So, why is it also called Ohatsu Tenjin? It all starts in 1703, when a double suicide happened on the shrine grounds. After that, it was made into a bunraku puppet show called “Sonezaki Shinju,” with the leading lady named Ohatsu. Thus, the shrine’s nickname of Ohtasu Tenjin has become possibly more widely known than the official name, Tsuyu no Tenjinja.
So, how do you find your future spouse?Get a marriage charm!There are several types of these good luck charms from amulets, to straps with bells, to crystal bracelets, and heart-shaped jade charms–even scented bags.The ema (votives) for love fulfillment are even in the shape of a heart, with illustrations of Hatsu and Tokubei, her lover. 

Address 大阪市北区曽根崎2-5-4
 2-5-4 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Hours  06:00~24:00 (Office Hours: 09:00~18:00)
Nearest Station A 5~10 minute walk from any of the stations below
 - Higashi-Umeda Station – Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line
 - Umeda Station – Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, Hankyu Lines, and Hanshin Lines
 - Nishi-Umeda Station – Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line
 - JR Osaka Station
 - JR Kitashinchi Station – JR Tozai Line
Homepage  http://www.tuyutenjin.com/en/



2. 愛染堂勝鬘院 Aizendoshomanin 

With a name as long as this, it’s no wonder that Aizendoshomanin is often just called Aizen-san. The sacred tree has become a star in its own rights–it has been featured in films such as “Aizen Katsura.”
In the main hall, Aizen-Myōō (also known as Rāgarāja) is enshrined. Aizen-Myōō is said to have power over marriage and love. It’s said that if you drink the dyed sacred water, your dream will come true. Every year many women come to visit the shrine.
So, how will Aizen-san help you find love…?You guessed it–it’s the sacred water! Take a sip and feel closer to your dream coming true.There is also the sacred tree and it’s said that if a man and a woman stand before it and discuss love–then they will have a happy ending, no matter what hardships they have to endure. 

Address  大阪府大阪市天王寺区夕陽丘町5-36
 5-36 Yuhigaokacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Hours  9:00~17:00
Fees  Free
Nearest Station  – Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Station – Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line (Exit 5) – 2~3 min. on foot
Homepage  http://www.aizendo.com/




Not every love story encounters are great. Sometimes things don’t go so well and you just need to break-up or get a divorce. At times like those, you might want to try a divorce shrine–where you can pray for a clean break up and for better luck with your next relationship.

3. 鎌八幡(かまはちまん) Kamahachiman (Enjuan) 

On the homepage for Kamahachiman itself it declares that this is the temple that will sever all ties in bad relationships. In fact, “kama” in Japanese means sickle. 
Since the old days, there has been a sacred tree here at Kamahachiman where people would gather to pray for certain victory. 
In the 11th year of the Taisho era (1922), the grounds were restored following war damage. The sacred tree was revived as well. It is said that it is possible to rid yourself of disease and evil spirits, or even to change your fate here at Kamahachiman with earnest prayers. You can start a new life here, just as the sacred tree itself was revived.
So, just how exactly do you cut it off and start anew? There are many sickles stuck in the tree now. It is said that if you pray and strike the tree with a sickle, you are severing all the bad ties in your life.However, please do not do it yourself–as a priest to pray properly on your behalf.

There are 3 Types of Prayer Sickles- Special Prayer Sickle & Regular Prayer SickleWill be used to strike the treePrayer the same day and praying every day for 1 month
-Continuous Prayer SickleWill NOT be used to strike the threeCannot be presentPraying every day for a period of time (1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, etc.)
*Please call if you wish to use a prayer sickle. Inquiries are not accepted via email.

Address  大阪府大阪市天王寺区空清町4-2
Hours   8:00~17:00
Phone Number 06(6761)3691 (Hours: 09:00-17:00)
Nearest Station  - Tamatsukuri Station – JR Loop Line – 15 min. on foot
 - Osaka Uehonmachi Station – Kintetsu Osaka Line – 15 min. on foot
 - Tanimachi 6-Chome Station – Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line – 15 min. on foot
Homepage  http://kamahachiman.sakura.ne.jp/



4. 生國魂神社 Ikutama Shrine (Ikukunitama Shrine)

This shrine has a history of nearly 2,700 years!! This is it: the oldest shrine in Osaka.It has 11 subordinate shrines. Among the subordinate shrines is the Shigino Shrine, where all of the enshrined gods are female. It is considered a shrine that will protect women. 
Particularly, it is said that it has strong benefits for marriage & divorce.It’s not just for cutting off ties, but also believed to fulfill prayers for spiritual fulfillment and marriage.

How to Sever Bad Ties:On many of the ema for severing ties, many clearly write addresses, full names, ages, etc. However, at Ikutama Shrine all you need to write is:1. Age – East Asian age reckoning (babies who are born are considered 1 year old, and on New Years 1 year is added to everyone’s age)2. Chinese Zodiac Sign3. Gender
There’s even a chart to figure out your age by the East Asian age reckoning system. Just check it and fill it out!
For those who come to the shrine to cut off ties, there’s a place to grab a “Cliff Edge Fortune Slip.” On Saturdays and Sundays, palm reading and other types of fortune telling are available. If you’re looking to consult with someone before severing that tie, try it out!

Address 大阪府大阪市天王寺区生玉町13-9
 13-9 Ikutamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
Hours 9:00~17:00
Nearest Station  - Tanimachi 9-Chome Station – Osaka Metro Tanimachi & Sennichimae Lines (Exit 3) – 4 min. on foot
 - Osaka Uehonmachi Station – Kintetsu Osaka Line – 9 min. on foot
Homepage  https://ikutamajinja.jp


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