Spend Some Time Around Itami Airport!


Previously we introduced spots around Kansai International Airport to spend time before takeoff or after landing.

But, what if your plane is getting in at Osaka International Airport (commonly known as Itami Airport)? When your plane gets in early and you’re hungry, or when your plane’s late at night and you have some time to kill… what do you do? Where do you go?

Here we’ve got some spots for you to spend your time around Itami Airport!


-Spots for the Family-


◆Itami Sky Park

First stop: Itami Sky Park! It’s right next to the runway, so no need to worry about time. You can enjoy your time and also watch planes take off and land~ There’s plenty to enjoy and explore at Sky Park–it’s over 1 kilometer long! There are several hilltops for an even better view of the runway as well.

Children can plan, adults can relax, and everyone can have an enjoyable time until you need to hop on the plane.

Some of the key features:

  • Sky Hill (Ozora no Oka): 12 large grassy landings and a stone staircase leading up to the top makes this a great place to stop and enjoy viewing the runway.
  • Adventure Hill (Boken no Oka): No doubt about it: this is where your children will beg you to go to at Sky Park. Of course, there’s a long roller slide, jungle gym, and sandbox, but there is also the “Cube Adventure: Giant Maze”!!!
  • Azalea Hill (Tsutsuji no Oka): Here you can view 4 varieties of the famous flower from Itami: Azalea. You can see over 14,000 azaleas all at once! What a nice view to take in before departing on your way to your next destination~
  • Star Hill (Hoshizora no Oka): LED lights are placed in this 130 meter pathway to form constellations. It’s easy to see why this path is called “Starlight Path.” If you have a late night flight, be sure to check it out–with the starlight from the path and the sky as well as the night view of the airport, surely it is a view you won’t want to miss.

…and more!

Last but not least, if you’re a little peckish before your flight, stop at Cafe Do Hanahana in the middle of the park to grab ice-cream, sweets, and other seasonal items!

Address  7-1-1 Morimoto, Itami-shi, Hyogo 664-0842
Park Hours  9:00-21:00 (March~October – Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays: 7:00-21:00)
  *Parking Lot: May enter until 20:30
Closed on  N/A
Admission Fee  Free
Nearest Station  ・ from Hankyu Itami Station (City Bus Bus Stop No.6 , Bus No. 25) – route which bound for Kamitsu->Osaka International Airport or Bus No.22 or 23 – route which bound for Iwaya Jyunkan (drop off at Itami Skypark Kamisuko)
  ・ From Osaka International Airport (City Bus Bus Stop No.7, Bus No. 25) – route which bound for Kamitsu->JR Itami (drop off at Itami Skypark Kamisuko).
Homepage  http://www.city.itami.lg.jp/skypark/


◆Itami City Museum of Insects

For those of you with a little bit more time on your hand, don’t miss out on the Itami City Museum of Insects! Your kids will surely have a blast here!!

The museum was opened in November 1990 with the aim to teach about the environment by learning about insects and living things. Here you can see not only models, view movies, and also see real live insects at various stages of development. There’s so much to do at the Itami City Museum of Insects!

For example…
-Butterfly Farm: Even if you don’t like most insects, surely you won’t want to miss the butterfly farm! With 14 varieties of butterflies and over 1,000 flying around you can see the beauty of butterflies up close and personal.

  • Ecology Exhibition Room: There are displays of around 30 different insects for you to view! There are many different types of beetles, stick bugs, grasshoppers, aquatic insects and more! Depending on when you arrive, you can see them at various stages in their life cycle throughout the year.
  • Exhibition Room One: Get up close and personal!! You can see insects at 10 times their usual size–catch details you would normally miss when looking at these bugs at their regular sizes. See what kind of life these insects live more easily~

…and more!

There’s a museum shop so you can grab some great themed souvenirs for your trip back home: bug badges, insect themed washi tape, clear files, and more~

Address  3-1 Koyaike, Itami-shi, Hyogo 664-0015
Hours  9:30-16:30 (Last Entry: 16:00 / Butterfly Farm Open: 10:00~)
Closed on  Tuesdays (If a holiday falls on a Tuesday, then the following day will be closed inside), December 29th-January 3rd, and other temporary closings
Entry Fee   Adults: 400 JPY
  Children, ages 12-15: 200 JPY
  Children, ages 3-11: 100 JPY
  Children, ages 0-2: Free
Directions   From JR Itami Station (JR Takarazuka Line), Itami Station (Hankyu Itami Line), take the Itami City Bus
   In front of JR Itami Station/Hankyu Itami Station – Bus Boarding Area #4 – Get off at Matsugaoka (松ヶ丘) Stop or Tamada Danchi (玉田団地) Stop
   In front of JR Nakayamadera Station – Bus Boarding Area #1 – Get off at Matsugaoka (松ヶ丘) Stop
Homepage  https://www.itakon.com/english


– Dining –

Has the plane meal ever left you feeling a bit unsatisfied and, frankly, still a bit hungry? Or perhaps you just want to grab one last great bite to eat before your departure? Look no further for places to satisfy those food cravings.


◆Joy’s Cafe

Only one stop away on the Osaka Monorail from Itami Airport, Joy’s Cafe is a great stop when you don’t want to stray too far from the airport, but still want to get a healthy, yummy meal in to give you a boost for your flight!

Each menu item is carefully prepared with fresh vegetables, mostly from Tottori Prefectures, right next to Hyogo. You can enjoy lunch or sweets, with a new special every day. Each item is specially prepared to give you energy for your day–miso soup, 23 grain rice, salad with handmade dressing and more! Tea is also included with the meal.

Enjoy a Japanese meal that is not just good for you, but decidedly delicious before you go.

Address  2-1-3 Hotarugaikehigashimachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka
Hours  11:30~19:00 
Closed on  Sundays and Mondays
Nearest Station   Hotarugaike Station – Hankyu Takarazuka Line & Osaka Monorail Line – 1 min. on foot
Homepage  http://www.joyscafe.net/index.html


◆Osaka Airport Winery

Looking for even more of a pick-me-up before your flight? Want to enjoy a glass of wine before your long flight?

Well, you’re in luck: at Osaka International Airport you can enjoy the world’s ONLY airport winery!

Located on the 3rd floor, just past the glass you can see brewing tanks lined up through the glass. While enjoying your wine, you can watch wine being made on the spot.

You can choose from 8 types of wine by pouring from a tap in the wall. Of course, there is the wine that is made at the airport itself or you can choose from a selection of wines from around Japan and imported from around the world. And, of course, there is a food selection to go with the wine so you’re not drinking on an empty stomach!

Address  3F / In front of Security Check, 3-555 Hotarugaikenishimachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka
Hours  11:00-23:00 (Food Last Order: 22:00, Drink last Order: 22:30)
Homepage  https://www.airportwinery.osaka/
Homepage (Osaka Airport)  https://www.osaka-airport.co.jp/shop-and-dine/dine/osaka-airport-winery.html


– Souvenirs –

Whether you don’t want to carry more than you have to on the train or you just want to pick up a little something extra before hopping on the plane, we recommend stopping by the KitKat Chocolatory shop!


◆KitKat Chocolatory

We all know KitKat, so why would it make such a great souvenir…? Well, at the shop you’ll see plenty of KitKats that you’ve never seen before! A new spin on a familiar favorite will surely be a hit when you bring it back home~

You can enjoy the classic KitKats of course, or try out Moleson KitKats with the first of their kind toppings, as well as fruity flavored KitKats, and even grab a gift box to go!

Since they’re not so big, there’s no need to worry about space to pack them in your bag. Perfect!

Address  2F / In front of Security Check, 3-555 Hotarugaikenishimachi, Toyonaka City, Osaka
Hours  6:30~21:00
Homepage  https://nestle.jp/brand/kit/chocolatory/
Homepage (Osaka Airport)  https://www.osaka-airport.co.jp/shop-and-dine/dine/kitkat.html


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